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    Latest version of transformers manufactured conforming to the highest quality standard norms and specifications.
    The core of the transformers is specially designed to sustain over fluxing up to 12.5% with corlite insulation.
    The winding (spiral, cross over, helical or disc) is optimally done to withstand electrical, mechanical, dynamic and         thermal stresses depending upon the current and voltage.
    Highly long lasting and durable transformers, as they are insulated using materials like pre-compressed boards,       blocks, corrugated cylinders, bakelite tubes, insulating tapes, empire sleeves, glass sleeves varnish, epoxy       bushing, porcelain bushing etc.
    The transformers are painted using two coats of red oxide paint to provide maximum resistance to corrosion to        the outer body, exposed to the atmosphere.
    Robust tanks, constructed to perfection using A-grade mild steel sheets, plates and pipes. t
    The tanks are tested at specific pressure for leakage at joints/welds.
    Sufficient cooling radiators are provided for maximum dissipation of heat during extreme ambient temperatures.
    Our transformers are a step above those offered by our competitors, and are designed for minimum temperature         rise at full load.