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Our Products:
    Distribution Transformers
    Low Loss Transformers
    Distribution Panel Board

Our range of Distribution Transformer spans entire field of application our range of Distribution Transformer spans entire field of applications in electrical power distribution and rural electrification up to 33 KV class single as well as dual ratio transformers, Copper wound or Aluminum wound, with a range of optional accessories to choose from. All electric distribution transformers are provided with standard tapping. Besides, we have carved a niche as one of the leading current distribution transformer supplier in India.


Conventional Type, single phase & three phase, 50Hz supply frequency, copper winding, double wound, "A" class insulation, self-cooled, oil immersed, ONAN (cooling), indoor/outdoor type, designed to ensure better cooling, low noise level, better impulse and short circuit withstand capability.

Product range

    Distribution Transformer from 10 KVA to 2 MVA of Voltage Class 11/0.433 KV.
    Distribution Transformer from 100 KVA to 1 MVA of Voltage Class 33/0.415 KV.
    Star rated Transformers up to 200 KVA as per BEE Specifications.


All transformers are designed as per reference standard ISO- 9001:2008 & I.S 2026 Standard

Guarantee / Warrantee

HOMAC hereby warrant that the transformers supplied by us shall have no defect arising from the design, Materials or workmanship that may develop under normal use of the transformers in the conditions prevailing at the site of Installation.
This warranty does not cover accessories like porcelain bushings and its metal parts and breather. the guarantee of the individual transformer to be supplied shall be for 12 (Twelve) months from the date of delivery against any delivery manufacturing defect on account of improper design, bad workmanship or poor quality of raw material used etc. and any such defects occurring within the above period will be repaired/replaced by us free of cost, provided the maintenance of transformer are done as per relevant ISS/CBIP specification.

Repairing & Services

Power & Distribution Transformer up to 10 MVA up to Voltage Class 66/11 KV

After Sales Service

Our after sales support is one of the best in the industry and we are known for our prompt services.