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A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled Inductive coupling the transformer's coils or "windings”. Except for air-core transformers, the conductors are commonly wound around a single iron-rich core, or around separate but magnetically-coupled cores.

Manufacturers of Transformers:

We manufacturers of transformers, that are used to "transform" voltage from one level to another, usually from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. The Transformers do this by applying the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert voltage and/or current levels.

We offer a wide range of Transformers, which is used in various industries for distribution and transmission. We manufacturer of transformers using quality non-aging cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel, which ensures high reliability. We manufacturer the transformers in different specifications in terms of rating, no load & no losses, impedance, flux density of core, current density and overall tank dimension. Greatly acclaimed for its superior quality, durability and performance these power transformers are easily available at a competitive market price.

A poly phase transformer design is presented in which transformer output pores are accurately constructed in both voltage magnitude and relative phase angle. The design incorporates both main and auxiliary transformers that are used in unison to produce the accurately constructed phases. The main transformer permits rough phase adjustment to be made with the auxiliary transform permitting phase fine tuning. Such a design is particularly suitable in transformer approaches that require output phases that are of a number not evenly divisible by three.

We hold expertise in manufacturing high quality Industrial Transformer that is designed to withstand poor site conditions, and thereby, offer trouble-free performance. Low on maintenance, our Industrial Transformer is high on performance and durability.

We manufacture Special Type Transformers as per customer's requirement. These transformers we manufacture and supply at cost effective prices. Offering in low maintenance these transformers are provided with the different specifications.

Distribution transformers are used in for industrial, substation & distribution sector. These transformers have a range up to 2.5 MVA, and voltage up to 11 kv. Our distribution transformers come with an automatic on/off cooling system. We offer this high performing transformer, which has been appreciated a lot by our previous clients.


A transformer is a device that transforms electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled coils. We manufacturer wide range of transformers at industry leading prices. Transformers are widely used in electronic and electrical industries. We produce components and spare parts which ensures excellent performance of transformers. Our transformers are manufactured from high quality raw material that is widely used for both commercial and domestic purposes in the Indian markets.

We produce a wide range of transformers such as :

    Energy & Power Department Govt. of Sikkim
    NHPC Ltd. Balutar (East Sikkim)

Distribution transformer is an electrical transformer that is used to carry electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary distribution circuit. This can also be used to transfer current within a secondary distribution circuit or to the service circuit. Distribution transformers can be single phase or three phases. Single phase transformers are used for residential applications.

Distribution transformers minimize the voltage supply of the primary circuit to the amount of voltage desired by the consumer. The amount of this voltage keeps on changing and can be different for commercial consumers, residential consumers and light industry consumers. We manufacturer distribution transformers that are able to resist any heavy load and hardly get damages. These power distribution transformers has been designed & produced as per IS & IEC standards.

We offer voltage transformers that are highly efficient. Voltage transformers can high, low, constant types. These high voltage transformers bear high efficiency and low operating torque. Input current and output voltage is indicated by the volt meters attached to these transformers. High voltage transformers are used in various industries and are widely used for outdoor application. Low voltage transformers comprise of auto transformers, double wound / isolation transformers, ultra high isolation transformers and custom designed transformers. Low voltage transforms can withstand adverse working conditions, durable and require low maintenance. The main function of the constant voltage transformers is to keep the output voltage steady by providing necessary additional gain in power when the incoming main voltage is low.


Transformer Repair : Domestic purpose & Small Industry applications.

We produce one of the finest & beautiful transformers taking meticulous care with a series of pre & post testing carried out. Our products are designed precisely as per the customer specific requirement and provide good Service for transformer Repairs.

We offer effective emergency repairing services for correcting faults or failures faced by our end users that include power transformer repair, transformer repair services, etc. Also to meet the contingency, we make sure in providing prompt repair services and spares to replace the obsolete parts of the transformer. To meet the urgent requirements, we offer our clients with transformers to replace the faulty ones for a nominal rent..

We offer transformer repairing services, which include transformer oil filtration and high tension repairing. These services offered by us are unmatched and reliable. To ensure speedy and efficient services, we have a team of technicians who ensure that the fault is repaired immediately.

We repair and handle reengineering of the damaged transformers. The repairing services offered to our customer, ensures transformers with high working frequency and power output, reliable service life, high performance standards and low maintenance.

Transformers are designed to have a long life but due to inadequate protection and maintenance of the system, these equipments get damaged. Transformer repairs deals with oil filtration and vaccumization of transformers, overhauling, distribution transformer repairs etc.

We provide well versed equipments to provide overhauling process. This service can also be personalized as per the requirement and specification of the customers. The overhauling process is highly required to enhance the life of the Transformer.

Repair & Rewinding of all kind of Transformers up to 7.5 MVA, 66 KV Class at our factory and Transformers up to 20 MVA, 66 KV Class at site. All the servicing is done by our team of qualified professionals. Well versed with complete wiring and good technical ideas our team executes each project with great ability and precision.


Homac Power deals into all types of repairing services like transformer services, Radiator fin oil leak services, Transformer painting, Substation Cleaning, Switchgear services, etc. We are into Sale and Purchase of Transformers, etc. These transformers are available at economical prices and further have the following features:

    Simple in use
    Durable and accurate performance
    Minimum maintenance

KRP provides a wide range of transformer services, like testing, repair and maintenance of transformers etc. We provide latest technologies and staffs to design various types of transformers. We manufacture our products based on our customer’s requirement and specifications. To ensure the enhanced performance of our Transformers and their long service life, we use high-grade raw material for manufacturing. Transformers being key equipment, it becomes imperative to maintain optimal insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gases and particulate contamination.

By performing the hot oil reclamation energized, the process does a better job of reclaiming oil, degassing, removing moisture, sludge and other harmful contaminants from the oil and the transformer. Our entire range is tested at each stage of production in accordance with IS2026/1EC726/BS171 standards. Our services include Oil Filtration and IR Value Improvements at Site. All this is done keeping in mind the quality parameters. Also, these services can be availed at industry leading price.

Our organization provides maintenance and electrical testing during installation of transformers. We test the measurement of winding resistance, impedance, verification of voltage ratio and vector group etc. Our experienced technicians install, assemble and vacuum-fill new and rebuilt transformers

Our transformers are available with various features like :

    High efficiency
    Low and easy maintenance
    Highly durable
    Trouble free service